When Will I Use Crossfit?

Author: Karie Patzer

Topic: functional fitness

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General Physical Preparedness, also known as GPP: 

• GPP is the most underdeveloped and neglected aspect of athletic training, especially in elite athletes.

• CrossFit produces an unmatched GPP in novice, intermediate, and advanced athletes regardless of their prior training and sport.

• Every athlete we’ve worked with, from Olympic medalists, to UFC legends, has some glaring chink in his/her GPP, and it takes, at most two hours, two sessions, on average to find these chinks.

• Fixing these chinks, these deficiencies, has immediate benefit within your sport and very often in ways not quite obvious mechanically and perhaps metabolically. For instance, more pull-ups makes for better skiing and skiers. Upper body pushing-movements makes for better rowing and rowers. Anaerobic training is a boon to endurance athletes.

• There’s greater margin for improving performance in elite athletes, where the margins of victory are very tight, improving GPP with CrossFit than can be garnered through additional sport specific training.

• “CrossFit produces a “ready-state” from which more advanced or sport specific training becomes very efficient.” – Mark Twight

• CrossFit, will for many sports reduce the total training volume, reduce training injuries.

• CrossFit is more fun and seems more athletic to experienced athletes than does traditional GPP.

and allow more time for vital sport specific skills and drills.

• CrossFit has athletes improving their fitness for years beyond, to levels significantly beyond, traditional GPP.

• Sport training and physiology are not so well understood that highly specialized strength and conditioning routines are optimally effective.

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In short terms, prepare for the unknown and unknowable.

Crossfit uses variance in workouts to work on both strengths and weaknesses. To give variety and try to linger away from the routine. Though our everyday lives can develop daily rituals we do, randomly having to help move a couch, carry groceries, lift totes overhead.

Perfect example, your kids are out playing and one gets hurt. You hear the cry and run quickly to help them. Now you need to carry them back up the hill you just ran down to comfort them and grab an ice pack for their hurt knee. We already have the cardiovascular capacity to run, but what about picking up a child AND carrying them up-hill. THIS is where we have to prepare for the unknown and unknowable.

I can say this, I can still lift ALL my kids and my oldest is 130 lbs. I want to be able to carry my 7 year and 5 year old to bed. Oops, they dropped their blanket they needed to go to sleep with, gotta squat down to grab it.

Of course there are MANY different situations, the idea is the same. It’s highly unlikely you would have to run into a burning building, but firefighters train for that. We all need to squat, press, carry, situp, deadlift. It’s what life has for you to do a bit of it everything everyday.

Some movements you may never use, but they can be fun!! Being inverted? No, you may never have to walk on your hands or do a handstand pushup, but its variety.

What situation have YOU been in that Crossfit helped out tremendously?

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