Trust The Process

Author: Lauren Risner

Topic: Progress & Results

Weight loss isn’t something that comes natural to everyone. It is a rather long journey that most people go through. 

“I want results now”

“The scale isn’t moving”

“Whatever I’m giving up” 

Have you ever found yourself saying these things, I know I have.. I understand losing weight can be frustrating and time consuming however this is why it’s a process. Most of the life events we go through are considered a process. Normally people aren’t handed everything they want in life, if it was that easy there would be simply no point. There are many reasons you might not be reaching the results you want. 

Many  factors play a role in weight loss for example; sleep, macros, stress, dairy, and water intake. These all need to be taken into consideration when trying to lose weight and get healthy. You may be doing one thing right while ignoring the others. All of these factors go hand in hand with one another. Stop getting frustrated and start taking control of the things that you can in life. Try to figure out a healthy sleep schedule, control your stress with a potential stress reliever (exercise), watch what you’re eating, and continue to fill your water bottle more than once a day. 

These aren’t easy concepts to master, however if you take control of what you can you will start seeing results. Bottom line, stop staring at the scale waiting for it to move! That is going to frustrate you even more, and you will more than likely get upset. All we are trying to do here is positively move forward everyday. Once you start making the small goals the life long ones will follow.


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