Title: Follow the Pathway Part 1

Topic: Metabolism

Did you know there are 3 different metabolic pathways? And they ALL help in their own way to build strength, stamina, cardiovascular endurance, and power. 

The Largest Energy System

The first pathway is the phosphagen. It doesn’t last very long but is simple and to the point. Surprisingly, it only lasts :10 but it is also your 100% effort. This can range from a 100 meter sprint to a 1 rep max deadlift. This system releases ATP but this is such a small storage in the body, it only allows for 1-2 second effort. To create more ATP, the body begins to break down ADP and Pi to use for more energy. In the grand scheme of things, this decomposes to creatine to use for more energy. Since this is a rapid process, the movements are explosive like jumping, sprinting, and throwing. In fact, it takes 3-5 minutes to replenish back to 100%.

With a programmed workout looking to target this pathway, it may look like this:

5 rounds

50 meter sprints

**Rest 3 minutes between each round

Or maybe something like this:

Every 3:00 4 Rounds

3 heavy deadlifts

**Weight stays the same all rounds

If you feel kinda stuck in a rut, you may need to bring the intensity for shorter periods. Next Wednesday, we will read about the second major energy system, the glycolytic pathway.


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