The Core of the Matter

  • Author: Karie Patzer
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  • Core to Extremity

How do you throw a baseball? Starts with the body in a braced position with the ball away from the body. From there, the body starts to move from the legs initiating the start, to the torso using the greatest of the force, to the arm guiding where the ball is going. Sounds similar to a kettlebell swing. The legs initiate the move, the hips then move forward generating even more power, and the arms guide the kettlebell to the position. Crossfit uses a big amount of hip powered movements because it creates the most power. With this being utilized, it creates more strength and explosive power. But it’s not all just the hips that help with the strength.


What exactly is the core? It’s not just having washboard abs. It works all around your torso. “Nipples to knees” is a great way to think of it. Your core includes:

  • the back
  • the ball-and-socket hip joint
  • the core muscles and the rest of the pelvic bones
  • all the other physiological systems and soft tissues.

Your core helps not only stabilize your body, it also helps protect your spine and surrounding muscles.

How To Strengthen The Core

Move your body correctly AND under the correct load. Squats and deadlifts are not bad for your knees and back. Doing them incorrectly and under too heavy of a load is bad for your knees and back. Need help with your form? Personal Training – CrossFit Current is perfect for that! Want to learn even more about many other movements to strengthen your core as well as other muscles in the body, try a class. Or book a consultation to get you started today!


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