Recovery and Rest Is Half The Battle

Author: Lauren Risner

Topic: Recovery & Rest

Recovery & Rest Is Half The Battle

Rest and recovery are two critical components of any training program. They may be the least planned but play a huge role in enhancing your performance. So what’s the difference between rest and recovery? When is it the best time to fit both into your schedule?

The Difference Between Rest and Recovery

Rest: Rest is the time to let oneself relax, refresh, or recover strength. This means letting yourself get that extra sleep in time. Just because you’re permitting yourself to get some extra sleep does not mean you have to sit and binge watch your favorite netflix series. All this means is you’re allowing yourself to keep your heart rate down.

Recover: Recovery is the easiest way to tell your body to return to a normal state of health, mind, and strength. More commonly referred to as “active recovery”, which can help improve flexibility, restore energy levels, and relieve muscle soreness. You should not look at active recovery as a way to avoid rest, but a simple way to help the body recover after hard workouts.

When Do We Incorporate Them?

Rest: The best way to know when to rest is to listen to your body. If you have an elevated resting heart rate your body could be under a lot of stress, dehydration, or poor sleeping patterns. Really dial into the practical markers and take note of what your body is trying to tell you. When you decide to rest just know that it is critical for your muscles to recover from training.

Recovery: About 1-2 days after following your workout,  recovery is needed in order to help repair any tiny tears you might’ve made in your muscle fibers. Be sure you’re not feeling any of the practical markers for a needed rest day, and allow yourself to take an active recovery day. Active recovery could be anything from a brisk walk, yoga, or an easy run. Remember a recovery day isn’t a day where you are testing your fitness or strength.


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