Progressions of Gymnastics

Author: Morgan Vandenberg

Subject: gymnastics

#gymnastics #strictbeforekip

So you want to do high skill gymnastics but aren’t sure where to start. There is a general “roadmap” you can use to decide when you are ready to progress through gymnastics movements. First thing you need to know is that common faults in gymnastics are the most common injuries in CrossFit. It should be a priority to climb the ladder of gymnastics in a SAFE way!

Pulling movements: 

  • Strict pull ups
    • Prerequisite
      • Hang from bar for :30
  • Kipping pull ups
    • Prerequisite
      • 2-3 strict pull ups unbroken
  • Chest to bar pull ups
    • Prerequisites
      • 8-10 kipping pull ups unbroken
  • Bar muscle ups
    • Prerequisites
      • 8-10 Chest to bar pull ups unbroken
  • Strict ring muscle ups
    • Prerequisites
      • 2-3 strict chest to bar pull ups unbroken
  • Ring muscle ups
    • Prerequisites
      • 1-2 strict ring muscle ups


  • Strict handstand pushup
    • Prerequisites
      • :30 inverted hold against wall
      • 2-3 controlled negatives
  • Handstand pushups 
    • Prerequisites
      • 2-3 strict handstand pushups 
  • Handstand walks 
    • Prerequisites
      • 8-10 shoulder taps against wall 
      • :10+ freestanding handstand

Still need help after all the work with the strict to put everything together? We can help with personal training or join our group classes Group Training – CrossFit Current to better your gymnastic skills.


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