Pregnant and Postpartum Murph

Author: Callie

Topic: Pregnancy & Postpartum

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Memorial Day has many of us excited and preparing for Hero WOD. “Murph”- a grueling Hero WOD done in memory of Navy Lt. Michael Murphy, killed in action June 28th,2005 while serving in Afghanistan. The CrossFit community completes this workout every Memorial Day to honor those who have served and are no longer with us. Athletes are typically told to grind through it and push past any discomfort but I am here to give a few considerations and modifications for pregnant and postpartum athletes.

If you are pregnant or postpartum now is not the ideal time to push your limits. You do not have to prove anything to yourself or anyone else. I am giving you permission to sit it out or modify and approach this day with what your body and mind needs. Remember this is one workout in a lifetime of athleticism and we want to prepare ourselves for many Murphs to come. As your pregnancy progresses, your movement patterns should be adjusted, as it should when earlier postpartum as well.  

You are probably thinking “but I can do xyz” and I have no doubt in your abilities but let’s not let ego get in the way of doing what is best for your body. If you are planning to complete Murph in a way that is perfect for YOU please take a look at the considerations below and the options for modifications!

Running is a high impact movement that will put more stress on the pelvic floor on an already stressed system! If you are recovering postpartum or if you have any pelvic floor dysfunction please consider modifying this movement as well.  


Walk, Bike or Row

Farmer’s Carry

Sled Pull or Push

Pull-Ups require a lot of strength and coordination of the pelvic floor and core. If we are attempting to do pull ups we want to make sure abdominal pressure is being managed and we are not causing more stress in those areas. 


Ring rows- Consider your body angle

Banded lat pull-down

Banded or Dumbbell Bent Over Rows- Consider keeping the weight light if you are keeping the volume

Push-ups can be challenging and create lots of pressure in the abdomen. Depending how far along you are your belly may be uncomfortable in a planked position or make it impossible to do a push up! 


Incline push-ups- Consider putting your hands on the wall, a box or bench

Knee push up- Consider doing this push up from your knees and raising you hand and chest target to a 45# plate or 12” box

Dumbbell Floor Press

Squats can become uncomfortable due to heaviness or pelvic pain and adjusting the range of motion may help relieve stress on the pelvic floor!


Squatting to a box or bench

Dumbbell Glute Bridges

Step Ups- Consider a 45# plate or 12” box

General Considerations

  • Temperature
  • Energy Levels
  • Month Pregnant
  • Month Postpartum
  • It’s okay to change a movement during the workout if it is not feeling good to you

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, take a second to reset, change breath, pressure, position, tension or movements.

  • Abdominal pain, pulling or pressure
  • Back pain, pulling or pressure
  • Pelvic pressure or bulging
  • Urine, gas or fecal leaking
  • Coning or doming of the abdomen

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms please stop what you are doing and rest.

  • Dizziness
  • Lightheaded
  • You feel too hot or overheated
  • Can not catch breath

Below are a few examples of ways to modify Murph. You can be creative and most importantly have fun!

Option 1 (Great for 3 trimester or <6 months PP)

½ Mile Walk

10-20 Rounds:

5 Bent Over Rows

10 Wall Push Ups

15 Squats to Box

½ Mile Walk

Option 2 (Great for 1st trimester or 6+ months PP)

1 Mile Bike

20 Rounds:

5 Ring Rows

10 Knee Push Ups

15 Squats

1 Mile Bike

Option 3

¼ Mile Sled Pull

100 Banded Bent Over Rows

200 DB Bench or Floor Press

300 DB Glute Bridges

¼ Mile Sled Pull


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