Pizza Goals!

Author: Morgan Vandenberg

Topic: Motivation

Hashtags: #goals #setupforsuccess #babysteps #justaslice

No, this blog is not really about pizza.. (SORRY!) But it’s about something even cooler than pizza. We all have so many goals pertaining to our fitness. Whether it be consistent attendance at the gym, a first pullup, losing body fat, or a body weight snatch. Our goals are massive and that’s a beautiful thing! But.. It’s easy to set ourselves up for failure while working towards our goals. 

Look at it like a pizza. If I gave you a full, extra large pizza (no slices) and said eat this entire pizza, it wouldn’t seem manageable. You would want to quit before you even start. But if I cut it up into smaller slices, it would be far easier to finish it. 

Let’s look at this pizza goal thing realistically. An athlete wants to do bar muscle ups, and currently can hang from the pull-up bar and can do a negative pullup but not a strict one. If the athlete starts to work on bar muscle ups… They will most likely fail. If they made a strict pull-up their first goal, they would probably crush it after a few months of work! One slice down. Then they could start on the next slice, 2 strict pull ups or kipping pullups! And continue on until they eat the entire pizza. 

This works with every goal you set your mind to. Maybe yours is to consistently come to classes. Right now you come 3-4 times a month and are struggling to make it more than that. If you tried to start coming 5 days a week, you would most likely feel overwhelmed and fail. Instead, try coming once per week consistently for one month. One slice down. Then try for 6 classes per month, and continue until you are coming 5 days a week! 

Pizza is delicious and it’s also a great motivation tool. 🙂


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