Go Ahead and Write That Down

Author: Karie Patzer

Topic: tracking and history

What Workout?

Can you remember everything?

Tracking is a great thing to not only help you see your progress, it also helps your self motivation. Using Wodify is a perfect way to track your workouts. All the workouts are saved so you are able to record your scores. It can be anything from your 1 rep deadlift to how many reps you completed in “Fight Gone Bad”. You can also use a journal or notebook to keep track as well. You can use the history to compare what you have done in the past. We repeat workouts once in a while, especially benchmark wods. How do you know if you are getting stronger and faster? It’s a great thing to see a gold star next to your name when you scored higher or finished a quicker time. That self confidence boost helps fuel that motivation.

What about food?

And how about food? Trying to become faster and stronger but just not feeling the energy levels to do it? How is your food intake? Tracking your food can have a huge impact in your workouts. There are many food tracking apps for your phone and tablets. You can also keep track by using a journal or notebook, even a calendar, just like tracking your workouts. MyFitnessPal is a great app to use for keeping track. You can even scan the barcode for items to make it simple. From here, seeing how your macros (carbs, protein, fats) are balanced out can really dial in the nutrition game. Your macros should be 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fats. If you aren’t keeping track, how do you know? This won’t have to be everyday for the rest of your life either. A simple way to measure for balance is using your hand. At each meal, your should have:

2 fists of veggies

1 fist of carbs

1 palm of protein

1 thumb of fat

You can also keep track of how you felt by your energy levels too. Trying to cut some calories to lose weight? Keep a record of energy levels for a few weeks. First few days are always a bit rough since your body is adjusting. Be patient with yourself. It won’t happen overnight, but paving the path will keep you moving forward.


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