Dropping In

Author: Karie Patzer

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Traveling for work or vacation? Drop into a local box! We love to hear the experiences people have at different boxes. It can be positive or negative. It’s always a learning experience for everyone.

What Do I Do?

First thing is first, search the area you will be at and check out the surrounding boxes. Look into their website and Facebook Page. Check out their schedule and find the best one that suits your schedule. Email the box to let them be aware of you wanting to drop in and they may even send over a waiver so you are all set when you arrive. You can pay per class or some places offer a weekly drop in fee as well. Ask about their options if you plan to come back.

Still Scale If Needed

We want to avoid injury at all costs. With a new place, new people, different environment, it may feel different and could cause you to go too heavy if not careful. Be honest with the coach of any limitations if any and just have fun like you would at any other class.

Share Your Experience

Hit up social media and tag the box in your story or post. You can also show some love by leaving a review on Google.
If you are planning to drop in here, just shoot us an email (insert email)  and we can get you all squared away. We can’t wait to meet you!


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