CrossFit and Your Libido

Author: Amanda Gallt

Libido can be finicky in both men and women. Too much stress?  May cause low libido. Feeling like you are a failure? May cause low libido. Overweight? May cause low libido. Taking medications? You guessed it, it may cause low libido.  Before going further, know that it is encouraged that you speak with your doctor if you are experiencing lower libido than normal, especially if it is affecting your romantic lifestyle.

We know libido is affected by many things, where does CrossFit come in? Studies show that 20 minutes of exercise could boost your arousal by up to 169%! For men, rigorous exercise can be a natural viagra and is linked to lower risk of erectile problems. In women, that boost of testosterone can boost their sex drive and blood flow to increase sensitivity. Those that work out often are more likely to feel sexually desirable.

For those already hitting the gym consistently, how are you feeling when you leave? Feeling like you hit beast mode with a new PR and riding that natural endorphin high from a serotonin boost brings out a more confident side. This encourages you to feel more alive and brings out a side that seeks pleasure.

Or are you leaving the box and neglecting your recovery? Make sure you are stretching because sex probably doesn’t sound fun when you are crazy sore. Staying hydrated and paying attention to nutrition are easy ways to focus on a better recovery.  

In conclusion, frequent exercise -especially strength training- is linked by many studies to a more satisfying sex life. Ready to get that boost of confidence in and out of the bedroom? Get into the gym!

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