Title: Follow the Pathway Part 1

Topic: Metabolism Did you know there are 3 different metabolic pathways? And they ALL help in their own way to build strength, stamina, cardiovascular endurance,

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Follow The Pathway Part 2

Author: Karie Patzer Topic: Metabolism And to keep up on a bit of education for how our body uses energy, we can discuss the glycolytic

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Accountability Is Key!

Author: Lauren Risner Topic: Accountability Many say that working out is 90% mental and showing up is half the battle. It is extremely important that

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Go Ahead and Write That Down

Author: Karie Patzer Topic: tracking and history What Workout? Can you remember everything? Tracking is a great thing to not only help you see your

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What’s Up With The Names?

Author: Karie Patzer It is very common for Crossfit workouts to have names. We can easily associate it to what the workout was. Fran is

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Before you know it, summer will be upon us. With that in mind, let’s dust off the tank top, get the bronzer, and get ready

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Trust The Process

Author: Lauren Risner Topic: Progress & Results Weight loss isn’t something that comes natural to everyone. It is a rather long journey that most people

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I’m Too Old To Workout

Author: Karie Patzer Topic: longevity/quality of life “I’m too old to workout.” “I can’t lift weights at my age.” “NO WAY, these old knees won’t

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