Title: Breaking Down 21.1

Author: Brandon Schoenwether  Topic: Sport #crossfitopen #wallwalks #dubs  Overview The 2021 CrossFit Open kicked off a season full of questions. Usually the release of the

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When Will I Use Crossfit?

Author: Karie Patzer Topic: functional fitness #functionalfitness #gpp #tidestrained #tidesfamily (add your gyms hashtags) General Physical Preparedness, also known as GPP:  • GPP is the

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Losing Weight After Baby

Author: Callie Topic: Postpartum Hashtags: #ppfitness #postpartumfitness #babyweight —————————————————————— Hey Mama, I’m guessing you found yourself here because you want to lose weight after baby.

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Dropping In

Author: Karie Patzer #dropin #newbox #fellowcrossfitters  Traveling for work or vacation? Drop into a local box! We love to hear the experiences people have at

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Stimulus Target

Author: Brandon Schoenwether  Topic: sport #wodbrief #wodstimulus #findyourtarget Overview Each class always begins with the coach at the whiteboard where they give what is called

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“I can’t afford that”

Author: Morgan Vandenberg Subject: pricing #worthit #builtinvalue  Are you looking to start your journey in CrossFit but are turned off by the cost? Do you

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Be Their Role Model

Author: Karie Patzer Subject: youth wellness #rolemodel #kidscrossfit #keepthemactive #alwayswatching Do your kids do Crossfit? Do they cheer you on? Do they cheer on each

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Progressions of Gymnastics

Author: Morgan Vandenberg Subject: gymnastics #gymnastics #strictbeforekip So you want to do high skill gymnastics but aren’t sure where to start. There is a general

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Ascent Protein and Pre-Workout

Author: Callie Topic: Supplements Hashtags: #ascentprotein #wheyprotein #eatclean #currenttrained Have you wondered about the bags of supplements in our store? Did you know they are

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