Be Their Role Model

Author: Karie Patzer

Subject: youth wellness

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Do your kids do Crossfit? Do they cheer you on? Do they cheer on each other? Or maybe they can be your partner for a wod? Kids look up to their parents, so let’s show them the best ways to eat and move.

Is It Dangerous?

Nope, just like adults, movement first then modify. Although changing the objects can be a bit easier for children or teenagers, the movement is the same. For younger kiddos, using very light dumbbells, stuffed animals, and even basketball or soccer balls are perfect to keep them moving and still build on coordination.

Can Kids Take Class?

Yes absolutely! We encourage children to move just as much as adults do. For the younger age groups, it is best for them to be in a group with kids their age. They will also thrive with the energy and camaraderie with kids more their age. Teenagers can be in group classes just like their role models. With a bit more maturity, teens can stay more focused and keep moving with other members. And our coaches will always be sure safety is first.

Contact us [email protected] to discuss the best option for your kids, grandkids, niece, nephew, cousin, or whoever they may be to you.


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