OWNERS, Brian Campbell (Left) - Lars Thompson (Right)

This organization started with our first location, CrossFit Tides, located in a small space inside a warehouse in St. Joseph, MI. Since then, Fusion Athletics has grown. With our 9-year anniversary in October (2021) of this year, our emphasis has become living and breathing our core values; humble, hungry, and people-smart. With experience and tradition on our side, we have become a health laboratory where customers can experience everything – a great CrossFit workout, detailed nutrition counseling, and intimate personal training. On March 23, 2018 we took a huge step forward opening two more locations, CrossFit Torrent in Kalamazoo, MI and CrossFit Current in South Haven, MI. As we are very fond of our Great Lakes here in Southwest Michigan, each one of our gyms holds the reference of water in its name. This trifecta has helped us complete the health and fitness Bermuda Triangle that we call Fusion Athletics!


The initial idea for what started as Fusion Athletics came up in casual conversation with my now-partner David (Lars) Thompson. We were hanging out in the gym after a workout and chatting about life’s problems when Lars saw a spark in my eyes and immediately noticed something different about me. As he explains it, “Brian has an attitude and aptitude with a hunger for continuous improvement.” Lars has served as vice-president and COO for a few select niche companies, where he has grown organizations and profitability with tremendous success. Most HR experts would have frowned at this partnership, calling it the odd couple of the health and fitness organization chart. On the contrary, we have quickly become a match made in heaven in the world of entrepreneurship. We spent many an evening discussing the details of the business and how, if I wasn’t weighed down by the less than perfect standards that I was accustomed to, that success was an afterthought. We started meeting regularly to review business plans, pro-forma financials, and everything else we thought might be relevant. We talked regularly about how we could build a business that would bring a professional fitness experience and how we could do it in a way that was unique to us, SOMETHING SPECIAL!
In early 2018, I left my job with a local police department and those fitness and business fantasies that Lars and I had talked about became real. Like every new business, we have made lots of mistakes and worked hard to correct them as quickly as we could. Fortunately, we believe that we are able to make things right more often than not. If you come visit our locations, you’ll notice that each one has its own unique community and people. But one thing is certain, our vision remains the same: not to create 10,000 separate businesses, but to create one business 10,000 times.
❖    CrossFit Tides Established October, 2012
❖    Fusion Athletics, LLC. Encompassing CrossFit Tides, CrossFit Torrent and CrossFit     Current, established March, 2018

OUR coaches

Sara Fredrickson

Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer (CF-L3)
Master's Trainer

I am a retired surgeon, and moved to South Haven from the Chicago area. I'm married with one son and two dogs. Golfing is my other passion (besides CrossFit).

How she started Crossfit and transitioned to coaching:
I have been doing CrossFit since 2013 and have been coaching since 2017.

Her favorite part of being a coach is….
Helping people improve their health

If Sara is not at the gym she can be found:
On the golf course

7 fun facts about Sara:
1. She was a breast surgeon for 35 years. I treated breast cancer and other breast disease.
2. She played handbells in my church in Illinois.
3. She has had three back surgeries and a knee replacement. These have not stopped her from doing CrossFit or golfing – yet…
4. Her son is an Ohio State Buckeye – sorry MIchiganders!
5. Favorite TV show – Breaking Bad
6. Favorite Movie(s) – Sound of Music (yeah, I know, I’m old), Pretty Woman
7. Favorite Book – any kind of thriller”

Favorite WOD:

Amanda Gallt

Manager/Coach CF L1

We have a small zoo at home with 9 pets, I am a girl mom to 2, and I love travel, scuba dive and enjoy being outside.

How you started at CrossFit Current and what made you transition into coaching:
I was looking for a way to stay in shape as a busy mom and small business owner. This had the accountability I needed, the fun I wanted and the competitive edge I love. (not that it’s a competition LOL)

My favorite part of being a coach is…
Seeing others succeed, celebrating their win and coaching them through a tough part of a WOD where you can tell they are contemplating quitting- seeing them dig deeper is inspiring.

If I am not at CFC you can find me:
Educating women on sexual health or with my family.

7 Fun Facts about yourself:
1. I grew up hunting and fishing.
2. I do handstands daily in my kitchen.
3. Sushi is my favvvvv.
4. I live for ice cream. (hence why I need CrossFit in my life)
5. Once I broke my arm at a rehearsal and still performed in a cast three days later.
6. Most tumbling skills I am still able to perform…..on a trampoline.
7. Don’t stand next to me when skipping rocks, I suck and may have been known to throw them down the beach.

Favorite WOD:
Murph! Love what it stands for and pushes everyone in the box!
Also anything with rope climbs, toes to bar or handstands.

Other things to know about Amanda:
Prior to coaching CrossFit I have coached many years of competitive cheer and gymnastics with ages 4-18.

Johnie Clarkson


I grew up in South Haven and graduated in 1988. I have three kids Bree, Brandon, and Colin. I was in the Navy for 10yrs in the Nuclear Power Program stationed on the submarine USS Pittsburgh (SSN720) and taught at Naval Submarine School. I've recently moved back home to South Haven.

How he started Crossfit and transitioned to coaching: I started CrossFit in 2012 while living in Salt Lake City. Fight Gone Bad was one of the first WOD’s I did and was hooked. I caught the coaching bug while living in San Antonio. I’m happy to be home and coaching what I love doing.
His favorite part of being a coach is…. My favorite part of being a coach is helping people achieve their goals inside and out of the gym.
If Johnie is not at the gym he can be found… I can be found outdoors being active, reading, or road tripping away from the gym.
7 fun facts about Johnnie I have three kids Bree, Brandon, and Colin.
I love to travel.
I love reading.
I’m always smiling.
I enjoy being random and spontaneous.
Favorite place is in the mountains in Utah.
Bring on the cultural food dishes.

Vanessa Wilmoth


How you started at CrossFit Current and what made you transition into coaching:

I discovered CrossFit in February of 2016 with The Open, what an introduction! I was intrigued because it was so difficult and even though I wasn’t very good at most of the skills, I could see the potential for growth and I was hooked! I was driven to share my passion for CrossFit with others so I earned my L1 in 2017 and started coaching until my box closed at the end of 2019. I joined the Current family in January of this year and decided I wanted to jump back into coaching, so here we are!
My favorite part of being or becoming a coach is…
Being a part of people’s growth and success! I have a huge sense of pride and excitement when I see people achieve a goal they didn’t think they could attain!

If I am not at CFC you can find me:
Either at my first career with the Department of Natural Resources, or spending time with my family.
7 Fun Facts about yourself:
  1. I have three adult sons, all of whom are either active military or veterans. I also have a young daughter.
  2. I love traveling both internationally and within the U.S.
  3. About ⅓ of my body is covered in tattoos…I love tattoos
  4. I am a first generation college student, working toward my General Studies degree.
  5. I love learning about absolutely anything, hence the General Studies degree.
  6. I was Miss Hartford 1996.
  7. The old fashioned is my favorite cocktail.
Favorite WOD: 
Murph! This was my very first hero WOD and I still love tackling it to this day. I am passionate about our military and law enforcement and being able to honor our fallen in this small way makes my heart happy!
Other things to know about Vanessa:
I live with 14 chicks who like to wear feathers. Okay, they are my chickens. I also have 4 cats and 2 dogs…so basically a small zoo.

Aaron Cloud


How I started at CrossFit Current and what made you transition into coaching: 
I became a member when Current first opened(then my job, took me away). I recently became interested in coaching. To help people gain control of their health. Movement is medicine.
My favorite part of being or becoming a coach is…
Right now, my favorite part is thinking of the knowledge I’m going to gain. From every experience. 
If I’m not at CFC you can find me:
If not at CFC. I’m usually at work, in a tree. Or at home, having fun with the family.
7 fun facts about yourself:
   I’m from California.
   I grew up on an Indian reservation. 
   Romance movies are the best! 
   Marvel comics are my preferred reading source.
   My field of study is forestry and natural resources.
   I have never broken a bone.(knock on wood)
   Lastllyyy…….. The Office. Is the best tv show. No debate.
Favorite WOD: 
My favorite WOD, is 100%. From the 2016 games.
Other things to know about you:
I think I’m weird. But my kids say I’m pretty cool.

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