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OUR coaches

Crossfit Current Coach Sara

Sara Fredrickson

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
Master's Trainer

I am a retired surgeon, and moved to South Haven from the Chicago area. I'm married with one son and two dogs. Golfing is my other passion (besides CrossFit).

How she started Crossfit and transitioned to coaching:
I have been doing CrossFit since 2013 and have been coaching since 2017.

Her favorite part of being a coach is….
Helping people improve their health

If Sara is not at the gym she can be found:
On the golf course

7 fun facts about Sara:
1. She was a breast surgeon for 35 years. I treated breast cancer and other breast disease.
2. She played handbells in my church in Illinois.
3. She has had three back surgeries and a knee replacement. These have not stopped her from doing CrossFit or golfing – yet…
4. Her son is an Ohio State Buckeye – sorry MIchiganders!
5. Favorite TV show – Breaking Bad
6. Favorite Movie(s) – Sound of Music (yeah, I know, I’m old), Pretty Woman
7. Favorite Book – any kind of thriller”

Favorite WOD:

Bray Plomb

CPR and First Aid Certified

He has an awesome 9-year old sister. Hobbies- enjoys hunting, hiking, and reading.

How he started Crossfit and transitioned to coaching: He started as a member at CrossFit Tides, then moved to South Haven and wanted to join the CrossFit community.

Coaching became an opportunity to grow in leadership and in the sport.

Favorite part of being a coach:
Forming new relationships with the locals and members of the community.

If Bray is not at the gym you can find him:
Bartending at Admiral Jack’s.

7 Fun Facts about Bray:
He is a two time state champ.
He played college baseball.
He has read the entire Harry Potter book series.
He is a part of Campus Ministry at GVSU.
He wants to become a Chiropractor.
He can solve a Rubik’s cube.
He has broken one bone.

Favorite WOD:

Richie Garcia


I am married and a father of 2 teenage daughters. We have 3 cats with funny aquatic names. I love working out, good whiskey, and throwing axes. I also coach high school women's powerlifting and varsity cheerleading.

How he started Crossfit and transitioned to coaching:
I started CrossFit when my buddy Max brought me to a class to see what it was about. I joined up and never looked back. I considered coaching last year when the box was looking for coaches, and when they took me up on it, I hit the ground running!

His favorite part of being a coach is….
I love helping people progress through moves, and I love being part of the process. …..seeing someone hit a new PR or reach a goal they have been working to achieve.

If Richie is not at the gym he can be found…
Running the water plant, at the tattoo shop, at the axe throwing spot, or at Taste enjoying a good meal!

7 fun facts about Richie:
1) I’m the coolest guy you’ll ever meet.
2) I have a martini named after me at Taste.
3) I hate giraffes and butterflies.
4) I have no idea how many tattoos I have, I’ve lost count.
5) Writing is the only thing I’m truly right-handed at.
6) I have a lifetime lease on 2 square feet of land in Scotland.
7) I’ve owned thousands of pairs of sneakers since high school.

His favorite WOD:
The Murph.

Other things to know about Richie:
I’ve coached school sports for 11 years, and powerlifting for the last 6 years. I’m overly competitive, and obsessed with not only my own success, but the success of others as well.

Amanda Gallt


We have a small zoo at home with 9 pets, I am a girl mom to 2, and I love travel, scuba dive and enjoy being outside.

How you started at CrossFit Current and what made you transition into coaching:
I was looking for a way to stay in shape as a busy mom and small business owner. This had the accountability I needed, the fun I wanted and the competitive edge I love. (not that it’s a competition LOL)

My favorite part of being a coach is…
Seeing others succeed, celebrating their win and coaching them through a tough part of a WOD where you can tell they are contemplating quitting- seeing them dig deeper is inspiring.

If I am not at CFC you can find me:
Educating women on sexual health or with my family.

7 Fun Facts about yourself:
1. I grew up hunting and fishing.
2. I do handstands daily in my kitchen.
3. Sushi is my favvvvv.
4. I live for ice cream. (hence why I need CrossFit in my life)
5. Once I broke my arm at a rehearsal and still performed in a cast three days later.
6. Most tumbling skills I am still able to perform…..on a trampoline.
7. Don’t stand next to me when skipping rocks, I suck and may have been known to throw them down the beach.

Favorite WOD:
Murph! Love what it stands for and pushes everyone in the box!
Also anything with rope climbs, toes to bar or handstands.

Other things to know about Amanda:
Prior to coaching CrossFit I have coached many years of competitive cheer and gymnastics with ages 4-18.

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